• Exploring interaction between young people of faith: Tools for understanding

      Henry, Philip M.; University of Derby (Russell House Publishing Ltd, 2015)
      The complexity of interfaith relations in the UK and elsewhere requires an appreciation of 'self-other' interaction and encounter. That is, if the intention is to move to a more sustained relationship-building environment for people with different faith orientations and with those without a professed faith. Examining individual and group identity enables such an approach and, it is argued here, is reinforced by providing additional tools for understanding derived from within the disciplines of sociology and social psychology.
    • Positive engagement through youth work: Working with Roma children and young people in Derby, supporting their wellbeing

      Henry, Philip M.; Williams, Simon; University of Derby (The Center of Research in Child-Parent Interaction (CICOP), 2015-06)
      This article concentrates on the experiences of mainly Slovak and Czech Roma young people and their families who make up the largest population of Roma currently residing in Derby in the UK. It examines the experiences of Roma young people supported by the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby through its outreach organisation Roma Community Care and their partner agencies. The development of a youth work led approach engaging young Roma is designed to enhance the wellbeing of those young people, not just by providing diversionary activities, but also through its holistic support with whole families. The article draws on youth and community studies examining race and ethnicity unpacked through the medium of social identity. It culminates in an assessment of well being of the young people in the case study correlated with the positive engagement of youth work through informal education, examining the experiences of working directly with young people as well as the conceptual frameworks set out herein.