• A comparative study on social service sector workers' working conditions

      Lee, Sung-Hee; University of Derby (Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 2020-01)
      This study aims to examine the characteristics of the social service labor market through the empirical analysis of international comparative perspectives on the social service labor market and to seek policy directions for improving the labor market in Korea. Theoretically discuss the relationship between welfare system and social service labor market and empirically analyze caring policy. Examine working conditions and wage decisions of social service workers from a time and space perspective. LIS data is not the continuous time series data, but 4th (1995), 5th (2000), 6th (2004), 7th (2007), 8th (2007), 9th (2013). ) And 10th order (2016), so we plan to examine the temporal flow through the order data of the main points. In the same vein, we want to analyze the wage level and determinants of workers in the social service industry and to read the implications of the Korean social service labor market from a comparative social policy perspective.