• Expecting something for nothing? The trials, tribulations, successes and pitfalls of cross-cultural data collection for an IFTDO/UFHRD funded comparative analysis of HRD practices.

      Mills, Sophie; Lee, Amanda; Coventry University; University of Nottingham (International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, 2016-03-31)
      Is it possible to engage in research requiring the participation of HRD practitioners from a multitude of nations, without offering individual tangible incentives? This viewpoint shares the experiences of our HRD research team in attempting to gather research data from HRD practitioners across the Globe. Issues that potentially indicate tensions between the worlds of HRD practice and academia are reflected upon in the following account. We suggest HRD practitioner awareness of, and connection with, the associated research has a fundamental influence on the relative successes of data collection methods. A review of our experiences of conducting this data collection follows.