• Critical dialogues: Dialogue and conflict resolution - special issue

      Mustafa, Demir; Dunn, Deborah; Keyes, Simon; Ramsbotham, Oliver; Shener, Oemer; Weller, Paul; Coventry University; University of Derby; Regent's Park College, Oxford University (The Dialogue Society, 2019)
      This special issue addresses dialogue as a means of conflict resolution under the title of ‘Critical Dialogues: Dialogue and Conflict Resolution.’ As a tool of conflict resolution, dialogue can take on many different shapes and can be moulded to respond to each conflict. In some cases, it becomes a tent that gives shelter to both sides, creating an environment of peace and security; in some other cases, it becomes a ship that saves the parties from the results of the conflict. In all these shapes and forms, dialogue constructs an aura facilitating parties to settle their incompatible differences. The special issue contains 15 papers critically addressing the role of dialogue/s in resolution of different types/forms of conflicts, from military to inner (psychological and psychosocial) conflicts of individuals. It highlights four themes related to the concept of dialogue which are: 1. Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict; 2. Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding; 3. Dialogue, Conflict and Education; and 4. Dialogue and Conflict in a Changing World. The aim of the collection is that papers and the critical application of relevant theories will help to provide new and useful insights for theorists and practitioners of Conflict Resolution and contribute to peace building efforts.