• The role of communities in counter-terrorism: analysing policy and exploring psychotherapeutic approaches within community settings

      Spalek, Basia; Weeks, Douglas; University of Derby (Taylor and Francis, 2016-10-28)
      The role of communities in preventing or responding to terrorism and political violence is increasingly finding prominence within government strategies, nationally and internationally. At the same time, implementation of effective community based partnerships has been nominal. Adding additional complexity to this problem are policies such as Prevent in Britain which was arguably developed with good intentions but has received significant and sustained criticism by the very communities it sought to engage with. The result has been ongoing discussions within community practice and research arenas associated with radicalisation, extremism, and terrorism, as to the role, if any, that communities might play in the counter-terrorism environment. This article explores that environment and highlights some of the community based perceptions and initiatives that prevail in the UK. In particular, innovations around the development of psychotherapeutic frameworks of understanding in relation to counter-terrorism are discussed, alongside the role of connectors.