• The effect of the inflation pressure of tyres on motorcycle weave stability: experiments and simulation.

      Cossalter, Vittore; Favaron, Valerio; Giolo, Enrico; Jomaa, Tarek; University of Padova (Taylor & Francis, 2016-08-03)
      Increasing the stability of a motorcycle requires an understanding of the optimal conditions of the tyre. The inflation pressure is one of the main parameters that directly affects the tyre properties, which in turn influences motorcycle stability and safety. This paper focuses on the effect of the inflation pressure of the tested tyres on motorcycle weave stability. Experimental data are collected from tests carried out in straight running at constant speed. The data analysis is based on stochastic subspace identification methods. Simulations are performed using an advanced motorcycle multi-body code with parameters measured from the tested vehicle. Finally, the comparison between simulations and experimental tests is discussed. The research results show an agreement between experimental tests and simulations where weave stability increases with inflation pressure for the specified range of tyre pressure.