• Effects of surface modification and graphene nanoplatelet reinforcement on adhesive joint of aluminium alloys

      Pawlik, Marzena; Lu, Yiling; Le, Huirong; University of Derby (Elsevier BV, 2020-03-13)
      In this study, the combinative effects of surface treatments and the reinforcement of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) on the adhesive joint of aluminium alloy were investigated. Aluminium alloy plates were treated with acetone cleaning, grit blasting, chemical etching, and phosphoric acid anodisation (PAA) under various conditions. The effects of hydrothermal sealing of the anodised aluminium were also studied. Surface energies of the treated aluminium plates were determined using contact angle measurements. The samples were then bonded with epoxy or GNPs reinforced epoxy adhesives. The bonding strength of the aluminium joints was measured by single lap shear tests. The joint strength was significantly affected by both surface treatment and the reinforcement of GNPs. For grit blasted and PAA samples with hydrothermal sealing, the joint strength increased by 64% and 57% respectively with 0.42 wt% of GNPs. Across all surface treatments, the highest average shear strength (17.6 MPa) was achieved for PAA samples with hydrothermal sealing and the addition of GNPs followed by PAA samples with no sealing and pure epoxy (17.0 MPa). Fractal surface images were analysed, and the correlation between epoxy infiltration behaviour, surface treatments and nano-reinforcement was critically discussed.